Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Coins and Periods that are not yet in the Catalog:

We understand that you can be interested in some periods that are not yet in the catalog. However, users can't add new historical periods or countries - only site administrators can do this. We usually add from 3 to 5 periods per month depending on the results of a regular poll on the home page.

We would like to cover as many historical periods as possible. So if you want a particular period to be added, be patient because we will most likely add it eventually. Also keep in mind that each user has different needs, so the list of periods to be added is very long.

You can also see what periods have been added recently on the news page.

If there is a missing coin in the already existing period in the catalog, you can contact us and we will try to add it as soon as possible.

2. About Prices of Coins:

We are sorry but uCoin is not a trading platform, it is a service to create and manage your personal coin collection. To sell, buy or see the price of coins, you can use online auction sites like ebay.com.

3. About Identification of Coins:

uCoin offers many tools to help you identify coins.

You can use the Google search bar on the top of the page to search for particular characteristics of your coin such as denomination, year, composition, type of edge, shape or lettering by typing in the appropriate search phrase. After you start the search, you will be taken to the search page where you will most likely find the coin you have been looking for. If you can’t find the coin, then it is most likely that it is not in our catalog, so we recommend that you search for it on other sites, or you can contact us, send us images of the coin, and we will try to find the information for you.

We also own the site dateconverter.net, where you can easily convert the dates found on your coins to the Gregorian calendar.